Trevor Goodchild’s Biography

He’s a german Producer and DJ livin in a small town close to Stuttgart. In 1997 he started producing the first Hip Hop tracks for a local Hip Hop Crew ‘Korrekt Bedient’ (MC Kalashnikov, DJ Furious Kombat & Trevor Goodchild). After very sadly differences between them, he decided to buy his own turntables to record scratches for his productions. “In this time I didn’t imagine to play records at a party or record complete mixes.”

In 2002 Hip Hop has turned into a very different kind of music and I decided to play Drum & Bass, Breaks and Dubstep. Many other genres joned to my playouts and podcasts later.

Since 2012 he’s collaborating with Selecta Jahmatazz on the Dub Suppliaz project.


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