Umoya EP Vol.2 – The Drumming ‘Binghis

Download,listen and enjoy the second release of the Umoya Ep series .The Drumming ‘Binghis Album Vol.2 brings along ritual and meditative drum Soundz. Traditional Niyabinghi rhythms merge with the typical Dub Suppliaz style.Free your spirit and chant down Babylon with heavy dub and steppers. FREE DOWNLOAD on Soundcloud and Facebook


DU3normal – Samurai Stepper (Dub Suppliaz Remix)

Serious new remix of the Du3normal tune Samurai Stepper. Check out Facebook / Soundcloud for more info .


Umoya EP

Enjoy laid back Dub sounds melted with decent vibes of the Zulu tribe. Umoya also stands for soul & spirit which is the feeling the Suppliaz try to transmit through this 4-track EP. Also keep an eye open for the upcoming remix edition with great artists out of the Dub universe. Get your free Download…


Joker Smoker Riddim (Melodica Cut)

Rework of the Joker Smoker Riddim / Vocs. – Ziggi Recado Producer of the Original Riddim – Nkrumah Manley ‘Jah’ Thomas / 1982 / Midnight Rock, Greensleeves


Urban Steppaz Ep

The Dub Suppliaz are finally presenting the Urban Steppaz Ep. More Bass ,more Power …more DUB. We really hope you enjoy the Vibes. Thanks again to all Artists who put in love and effort to make this Release possible. Get Your Free Download    


The Girl From India [Aztek Electronic Music]

Dub Suppliaz proudly present “The Girl From India” ! ! ! After her long, musical and inspiring journey around the world, finally “The Girl From India” is back home !! Thank you again for all the effort and time you spent on this project with us : Mexican Stepper , DU3normal , Unorthodox Conqueror and…


Dub Chroniclez EP #1

Dub Chroniclez is a collection of our first Dub/Steppaz productions combined to a dubalicious EP . Including a special remix from DU3normal of our Control Thru Wires Dub. Please Download for free and enjoy.   Free Download

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